East Carroll Township
3350 Brick Road
Carrolltown, PA 15722
(814) 344-9908 - Fax (814) 344-8444

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            The Board of Trustees holds a regular monthly meeting on the first Monday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 3350 Brick Rd., Carrolltown, PA.   To be placed on the agenda, please contact the Secretary, Mary Jane Rowland, at 814-471-6796 or 814-505-2267 (cell) during the day or leave a message at 814-344-9908 or fax 814-344-8444. 

Historical Information:

            East Carroll Township was recognized as a Municipality by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on September 1910. On March 11, 1911, the Organizational Meeting was held to appoint the Board of Supervisors.  Appointed was H. P. Dishart, Charles Yaeckle, and Peter Farabaugh.  Peter Farabaugh was appointed Chairman of the Board, C. W. Meirel was appointed Secretary with a Salary of $50, and William Miller was appointed Treasurer and commissioned him with 1%.  Peter Farabaugh and Charles Yaeckle were appointed Road Masters.


            East Carroll Township is located in Cambria County (Cambria County Map), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Map).


Last Update: March 3, 2016